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wow… it’s been a while.

new book prologue


PS a massive congrats to the blogmybook wonder, for publishing her first book at:

24 and 25A up!

good grief! 25 got so long and convoluted i decided to split it into half.

also running total (including unfinished chapters and vignettes: 91k!

Chapter 23 up!

aaaaaaaaaaand… now at Chapter 23. halfway through 24 and 25! all the plotlines are getting horrifically tangled.

also at somewhere over 80k words. Phew!

ch 18 and…

Well, I’m catching up slowly. Current total approx 60000 words, but still a couple of chapters behind, I think. The earlier chapters were quite a lot longer.

Keeping on track is a lot easier with this one chapter a week format. I’ve been fixing up a lot of things in the earlier parts of the story (oh there’s a lot of stuff to fix, believe me), which would probably throw me way off base if I didn’t have a clear and specific goal to get another chapter out every week (or two to make up for vacation time). I’m not organised by nature, so without the structure I usually end up with rambling books that become a complete mess of tiny fragments.

Perhaps that works for some people, but not me.


The one annoying thing about textroom is that it doesn’t retain my italics when I paste stuff into WordPress. Not that I have many, but still!

Today’s interesting link:

on the vagaries of self-publishing and publishing; an assortment of essays on the business and pitfalls of writing from numerous writers.


i generated a whole bunch of pages because making them one by one is super annoying. also because i figure it will give me more impetus to catch up to ch 19…. urg! in a little bit of a slump lately what with the amazing return to rainy weather. OH VANCOUVER. two months of sunlight out of 12 really is brutal. I’m not sure where else on earth one can experience this sort of misery/torture (especially when you factor in how beautiful it is when it’s sunny here), but apparently a lot of people do it by choice.

melodrama aside, usually the weather is shitty in winter but bearable, and doesn’t usually last for ten months… i think i need one of those UV lamp things.

back from asia!

Sometime during the 36 hour journey back home (we decided to take a 12 hour stopover in Seoul, which was worth it), I became nocturnal…

I have tonnes of updates to finish off! Well, here’s Chapter 12… 13-15 are just dead links for now. I figure that might give me even more incentive to upload them asap. Kari has been super productive while I was away on holiday, despite doing a lot of overtime at work, so I have absolutely no excuse…!


Updated Chapter 9, still working on 10 — I seem to have reached the middle doldrums. However, the chapter format does make it a lot easier to stay on track. It also makes it easier to see where future/past inserts need to go. I have a very long checklist now…

Also, having a partner in crime who’s frighteningly motivated. Haha! I’ll be on vacation for a while, but I’m bringing my laptop, so I’ll be writing… I swear.


edit: uploaded 10, which became rather short after I decided to truncate and split it off from what will be Chapter 11!

Checklisting chapters

I’ve taken to planning (some of) my chapters in checklist form. eg:

o X goes to the den of saints

o add in flashback of Y

o intersperse history sprinklings of Z

etc etc. down to little details like

o mention hair colour of B

This helps to keep my plotting on track. It’s starting to get somewhat better with the checklisting and some solid feedback (thanks Kari!). I also apply it to future chapters/other plot points that I need to add, and since I have OCD to a mild degree, I feel even more pressure to get all those boxes ticked…

ch 03 up, what a mess!

WOW. ch 02 broke the 10k word barrier for a while there (it’s at just under 10k now). ch 03 turned into ch 04 (and will probably get completely wiped, actually), while ch 01 split into ch 01 and ch 03. I’m not sure about the organisation still, but at least it’s starting to make more sense, which means I’ll have to go back and edit ch 02(and maybe switch the order with ch 01. I apologise deeply for the chaos…), fix up a bunch of errata and check the flow of everything in general — oh my!

I spend a few hours every night after work either revising what I already have or working on the next chapter. It’s a lot of work, but the online format gives me a lot of impetus to revise, revise, revise, fix fix change…

WOW. Opera just wiped my post three times in a row, and now my comments are set to ‘off’… switching back to Chrome.